Results for a UK general election on 6 May 2010 Elections contested by Animal Protection Party

A general election to the 55th Parliament of the United Kingdom with an electorate of 45,597,461, having 29,687,604 valid votes and 81,879 invalid votes.

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Constituency Candidate Electorate Turnout Votes Vote share Vote change Position
Huntingdon HOLLIMAN, Carrie 83,557 64.9% 181 0.3% - 8th
Meon Valley COATS, Sarah 70,488 72.7% 255 0.5% - 6th
Oxford West and Abingdon MANN, Keith 86,458 65.3% 143 0.3% - 6th
Vauxhall KAPETANOS, James 74,811 57.7% 96 0.2% - 9th

Turnout as calculated by the House of Commons Library, is the total number of votes cast and not spoiled, divided by the size of the electorate.

Under section 13(b) of the Representation of the People Act 1985, a candidate gaining 5% or less of the vote share will forfeit their deposit.