UK Parliament election results

This website published by the House of Commons Library contains election results data for the UK House of Commons.

We publish briefing papers including more detailed analysis of election results.

The site includes data for the 2010, 2015, 2017, and 2019 general elections. We plan to add to this, including data for earlier general elections and by-elections.

As well as general election data, the site includes tables for:

  • Members - candidacies of former and current MPs at general elections since 2010
  • Parties - performance of registered parties standing in these elections
  • Constituencies - results by constituency since 2010

The site also lists legislation relating to constituency boundaries and boundary changes.

The 2024 general election will be contested on new boundaries. The site includes details of notional results for the 2019 election had it been contested on those new boundaries.

Our roadmap sets out our future plans for this site.

The data this website uses is available to query as a Datasette endpoint. The database schema is published for reference.