UK general election on 12 December 2019 Elections won by Social Democratic & Labour Party

A general election to the 58th Parliament of the United Kingdom with an electorate of 47,562,702, having 32,014,110 valid votes and 117,919 invalid votes.

Read the House of Commons Library briefing.

Constituency Candidate Electorate Turnout Votes Vote share Vote change Majority
Belfast South HANNA, Claire 69,984 67.7% 27,079 57.2% 31.3% 15,401
Foyle EASTWOOD, Colum 74,346 63.4% 26,881 57.0% 17.7% 17,110

Turnout as calculated by the House of Commons Library, is the total number of votes cast and not spoiled, divided by the size of the electorate.