Notional election for the constituency of Dorking and Horley on 12 December 2019.

A notional election to the 58th Parliament of the United Kingdom for the constituency area of Dorking and Horley, forming part of the notional general election on 12 December 2019.

Conservative win with a majority of 10,381 - 19.0% - on a turnout of 77.5%.


Party Vote Vote share
Conservative 27,883 51.2%
Liberal Democrat 17,502 32.1%
Labour 5,415 9.9%
Green Party 2,302 4.2%
Independent 536 1.0%
UK Independence Party 464 0.9%
Independent 302 0.6%
Independent 91 0.2%

An electorate of 70,317, having a valid vote count of 54,495.

Under section 13(b) of the Representation of the People Act 1985, a candidate gaining 5% or less of the vote share will forfeit their deposit.

Estimates of the 2019 general election result in new constituencies

BBC News, ITV News, Sky News and the Press Association have together produced estimates of the 2019 general election result as if the new constituencies recommended by the separate Parliamentary Boundary Commissions for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had then been in existence.

Rallings & Thrasher, Professor David Denver (Scotland), Nicholas Whyte (NI) for Sky News, PA, BBC News and ITV News.

An explanation of the methods used and the electoral impact of the changes can be found in the linked document.