Blackley and Broughton

Shows the general election results for Blackley and Broughton, which is a constituency in North West. In 2005 it had a total electorate of 65,686 and a turnout of 45.9%.


Summary of the key information for the 2005 general election.

Labour Gain
Notional Candidate

Share of the vote

Distribution of party votes by percentages.

Party Name Share of the vote: 2005
Lab 62.5%
LD 19.1%
Con 13.0%
UKIP 5.3%

Party results

Results for each party with number of votes, percentage share of the vote and changes since last election.

Candidate Party Votes Vote (%) Change (%)
Notional Candidate  Lab 18,825 62.5
Notional Candidate  LD 5,765 19.1
Notional Candidate  Con 3,927 13.0
Notional Candidate  UKIP 1,607 5.3

Highest and lowest 2005

Safest seats by majority (%) Average: 18.3%
1 Easington 58.4%
30 Blackley and Broughton 43.4%
650 Gillingham and Rainham 0.0%

Majority is calculated as the difference between the winning % share of the vote and second place % share of the vote.

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Highest winning vote share % Average: 47.6%
1 Knowsley 71.8%
19 Blackley and Broughton 62.5%
650 Ochil and South Perthshire 31.4%

Share of the vote is calculated as the percentage of valid votes cast for each party.

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Highest % turnout Average: 61.1%
1 West Dorset 76.4%
638 Blackley and Broughton 45.9%
650 South Staffordshire 37.6%

Turnout is calculated as the percentage of electorate who voted.

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